Whitman Sky

Whitman Sky is a project dedicated to providing greater visual and informational access to the heart of our campus. Ankeny until now has been bereft of the type of data generated by other slices of campus life. We know how many folks use the gym, we know what everyone is spending on what types of food, we’ve even got a good read on students’ drinking habits through surverys. But Ankeny has remained uncharted territory for too long.

With this new technology we have the opportunity to peer into the soul of Whitman College. We can watch its circulatory system pump students through the ventricles of campus, observe the movement of bodies from academics to residency, from sports to chatting, from grouping up at certain times, to atomizing in those lonlier moments of the day.

We want to know Whitman College, and we want to allow you the same opportunity. Join us in surveillance. Journey with us on a quest for knowledge and improvement. How can we know more and act more on that knowledge? When we see each other more clearly, we move with more precision through these complex times.

What will the eye in the sky see?
Stay tuned to find out!